Olayo is Born in Northern Spain, Educated in Sevilla/Madrid.

He comes from a gypsy family of flamenco singers, dancers and basket canasteros makers of the north of Spain.His Grandmother “La Milia” was a flamenco singer and friend of the great Carmen Amaya, together they made their first debut in Barcelona.

Olayo dominates the Palos del Flamenco way Of singing and he is a master in this kind of Flamenco.

He studied in Sevilla with the teachers Naranjito de Triana and Jose de la Tomasa in the foundation Cristina Heeren. Tireless expert of singing, in addition he studies it and interprets it in a personal way, and can sing to dance and his force of voice gives this a deep feeling.

Apart from singing he also learned to Dance in the school “Amor de Dios” in Madrid the arte Flamenco from the Great Artists of the moment in the Candelas and Casa Patas. He learned to dance “Pataitas po buleria” and his dancing was famous for this in the “Candelas” y Fiestas! For his great talent to the dance.

He has worked in the Netherlands in Theatres and Local television and has worked in the Conservatorium of music in Rotterdam for many years with Paco Pena.

Performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London in the programma “Save the Children” and shared in the line-up on stage with “Joaquin Grilo”, “Diego El Cigala”,”Dorantes”, “Juan Carmona”, “Cantores de Hispalis” Etc.

Worked on a flamenco & kathak fusion project with Anurekha Ghosh & Company

He has sung in several prestigious theatres in London and he has worked in the movie “Dot The I” (El Punto Sobre la I) as a flamenco singer with Actors “Natalia Verbeke” & “Gael GarcÌa Bernal” , directed by Matthew Parkhill.

Olayo has toured Australia (4 months throughout Australia) and China (Nanjing & Shanghai) in Dec 2008 in the Majestic Theather where he presented his songs from his CD “Reloj de Arena”.